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WeShare is a social platform where everyone can share his or her passion, creativity or special moment.
It is a place where positive energy grows and is shared to inspire and motivate ourselves and others.

Users can share their inspiration with photos, videos and messages, participate in specific challenges and be rewarded for their involvement and influence on the community.

WeShare is a Positive Spread.

Find Mentors
Motivate & Challenge
Each Other

WeShare is not « just another social media ».
We, not only, share, like and comment, we also push to action and reward positive energy.

You can participate in challenges like the best landscape shot or the funniest family moment and many more.

You can even create your own challenges; public or within your own group of friends or colleagues.

Let’s just have fun, dare, provoke, question, stimulate, try!
Global Impact

Let’s combine our energy to inspire ourselves and others.
Upload Medias

Post freely and easily with only filter: positiveness.
Get Involved

Like, comment, influence, get influenced, create or participate in fun and meaningful challenges.
Get Rewarded

Be active, give your best in challenges and get rewarded for making a difference.

A Message from
Our Founder

WeShare app will change the way we  inspire others. We don’t believe in just liking people’s picture or videos, but we believe in following through and motivating others to do the same or more.

Johan, our founder, explains the concept in more details.

Be Inspired & Inspire Others

Put on your shoes, get out of the house and change your life or inspire others.

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